Throughout my work on short films and different projects in TU Dublin, I have found the role I gravitate toward most is production. I like that it allows me to be involved in every step of the filmmaking process, both creative and logistical, and allows me to create connections with everyone on set. I have produced several short films in the past four years and strive to be a friendly face anyone can come to for anything.  
Producing the film Knick Knack has been a particularly rewarding yet challenging experience for me. Not only did it allow me to expand my skills and knowledge of production but also made me more confident in the role itself. I know this experience will benefit me greatly in the future and overall, it is a project I am very proud to be involved in. 
In addition to producing Knick Knack, I have also been involved with Sense Of May and Robbie Rents A Room as 1st assistant camera and Once Home as 1st assistant director. These roles have also given me a great understanding of different positions on set, knowledge I will take with me into my career.  

Knick Knack—Producer; Once Home—First Assistant Director; Robbie Rents A Room—First Assistant Camera; Sense Of May—First Assistant Camera