Hello, my name is Evan Hanley. I am a TU Dublin student, and I am finishing the final year of Film and Broadcasting at TU Dublin Grangegorman. Over four years, I have become very fascinated with sound and editing. I have been a location sound recorder and an editor on many projects. I believe doing research into production roles, practising with the latest film equipment, building a sense of camaraderie, and collaborating with the film crew and the director very well along with giving critical input is essential in making a film successful. I find making films to be fun and enjoyable. I plan to become an editor upon graduating. I would potentially like to direct by making short films and then go on to make tv shows or films for various production companies and studios in the near future. 

For this year, I did the sound recording on Knick Knack, which was challenging as it was filmed in a small cottage in Trim, and that it would be packed with the cast and crew. Sound research, equipment practice and maneuverability with the sound equipment during the shoot paid off and the sound turned out well. 

I also did the sound recording on the graduate film Once Home, which was harder as it was filmed in Skerries under dodgy weather and had far less shoot time even with the schedule spread out to four days compared to Knick Knack which only had two. More emphasis was put on building soundscapes and creating a world through gathering sounds as the film was mostly told through voiceover, which was recorded separately on its own in-house and images. Whilst this was more difficult to perform, it was also very rewarding, and the sound turned out well also.  

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