My name is James Mulligan, and I am a final-year student in Film and Broadcasting at TU Dublin. It is hard to believe I am writing this now, after the four quickest years at TU Dublin. It has been a whirlwind of a few years, taking part in various projects in and outside of the college. Most recently, I have produced Once Home a graduate short film, directed by my coursemate, Niamh Hanley. This project is the second project I have produced in college and the 5th project(including work outside college) I have worked on in this role. Once Home has been an amazing project to be a part of, which had taught me so much about producing, financing and organising a successful shoot. The project was extremely personal to the director and producing really showed me the passion and dedication required to support the crew around you and ensure they have the resources and facilities necessary to bring the film to life. However, this is not where my future aspirations are. 
Since beginning the course, and a young age, I have dreamt of being a director. Having shot three of my own short films outside of college, my course has taught me about the other wonderful departments that are equally as necessary to bring any person’s writings to life. I have had the great opportunity to work with amazing people in my course and experience various areas of work, especially within the camera department, where I have frequently landed as a camera operator. I could not be happier with the roles I have taken on over the four years and during my graduate year as they have humbled and taught me the essentials of filmmaking.  
I cannot wait to be a part of the film community here. I wish to continue to write and direct, developing Ireland’s film voice, with stories that reflect our generation’s enthusiasm, bravery and artistry.