My name is Marese Yeates, and I am one of the graduating students from the course of Film & Broadcasting at TU Dublin! Throughout the programme, I discovered the areas of film that I am most passionate about to be those of scriptwriting and art direction. I love the endless possibilities that writing for cinema poses and the way in which a simple idea on paper can grow into a moving work of art on screen. Art direction and production design are imperative to the way a film both looks and feels, and I adore the challenge of creatively capturing a director’s vision through authentic set, costume, and makeup design. During my third year, I was lucky enough to travel to the US to spend a semester studying these elements of film among many others in the exciting and dynamic city of Chicago. It was here that I wrote and directed my first short film, which was a highlight of my time in college. 

Sense of May—Lead Production Design; Robbie Rents a Room—Assistant Production Design