Throughout four years at TU Dublin, I have found myself involved in every part of the process of making a short film. Whilst my main area of interest is directing, having directed my own short film and documentaries in my time here, I have gained an understanding and most importantly, respect, for key departments in the filmmaking process. I feel that I have grown as a creative and have developed a consideration for every department within my own process. I have gained the ability to create concepts, shoot and edit my own work in addition to collaborative projects. 

My experience as the 1st Assistant Director of Last Moments allowed me to alleviate pressure from the director and production team whilst being the first point of contact to all cast and crew on the days of production, creating an atmosphere on set that is enjoyable, yet motivated. 

As the editor of Once Home, I worked closely with the director, developing a strong line of communication and respect that allowed me to execute their vision. Thus, creating a film with a documentary feel and inspired by contemporary European cinema. 

Once Home—Editor; Last Moments—1st Assistant Director; Knick Knack—Lighting; Sense of May—Grip