Kildare based artist Katie Mulpeter explores absorption and memory using different materials and textiles.  



Absorption is an installation work exploring the link between memory and absorption.  

This installation consists of expanded paintings and screen print. This work explores the links between memory and absorbency using various fabric materials and acrylic paint and inks. The project also involves the use of old letters that her grandfather wrote to her grandmother over sixty years ago. This project questions the absorption qualities of various materials. 
This installation involves a series of large hanging fabric works, some of which have small, selected section of her grandparent’s letters screen printed onto them. Some of the fabric works are made up of a series of painted materials acting as expanded paintings where each material is absorbing another. There are a series of liquid filled throughs that the ends of the fabrics rest in, constantly absorbing liquids over the duration of the exhibition.  
Applying ink to fabric leaves a mark or trace as it absorbs. Liquid absorbency depends on the type of fabric raw materials and the transfer of liquid is affected by the hydrophobic fibres in certain materials. This mark or trace acts as a kind of memory of an act in the same way that our minds absorb a memory of an activity. The absorption that is recorded within the materials mirrors how our minds absorb information. Over time the fabrics will like our memories will become less vibrant, detailed and will fade.