Saoirse Keenan is an artists based in Monaghan. She works in print, photography and sound. Her work is primarily focused on the symbiotic relationships between humans and other living beings. Her work aspires to raise awareness of the current relationship between the natural world and humans. 

The Spiralling Decline

The Spiralling Decline is an installation that is comprised of wallpaper and framed photographic images depicting both human and natural elements. The wallpaper consists of three abstract patterns made from human and natural components. The work aims to engage the notion of a symbiotic relationship between humans and natural components and the relationship between humans and the natural world.  

The work provokes the idea of how humans are reluctant to admit they have an inter-reliance with other living entities, and that humans cannot survive without their support. Humans have enabled a parasitical relationship with nature, consuming natural resources at much greater rates than they can be replenished. A parasite that depletes its entire host resource cannot survive. While humanity searches for answers to diminishing food supplies and environmental issues, many humans, if not all, are likely to perish of starvation and severe climate change.

Nature has created several benefits to help humanity flourish and develop but what are we providing nature with? What if humans acknowledge that we are part of a greater, collective living ecological inter-being that includes all other life on our planet? 

Humans believe they control nature; we tend to exploit our natural resources and dismiss the reality that nature is the core of our human existence. One cannot take advantage of another’s resources if it leads to a spiralling decline for this source.