Depths of Dread

Explore the deep ocean and encounter terrifying creatures that swim around every corner. The deeper you go, the more inhuman and alien it gets. Adapt to the surroundings by upgrading your arsenal and combat the fear with your will, skill and courage. Do you dare to delve into the depths of unforgiving hell? Far from civilization, armed with an advanced mech and basic weaponry, you must not let the mission fail, you must push forward at all costs as the entire human race and their lives are at stake and the rumoured tech may be the only way to save them. Traverse the depths further and encounter deadly creatures that pose a threat and horror at every step. Examining every nook and cranny is key for survival as it can yield resources and upgrades to your arsenal.  

Conor Mulgrew—Project Manager, Programmer, Level designer, Audio Designer; Jack McKenna—Lead Developer, Lead Programmer, Secondary Designer, QA Tester; Jason Quinn—Lead Designer, Asset Designer, Artist, UI Designer, QA Tester; Kayne Doody—Lead Artist, Animator