My name is Adriana Bukovska, I am 24 and a passionate interior designer. Studying in TU Dublin and working as a kitchen designer has helped me develop my skills to a great level. I am a designer enthusiastic about trying new ideas. After working as a kitchen designer, I know that I love to make an effort to comprehend customers individual needs and like incorporating their personalities and experiences into the design.  I enjoy colour in my work, and I investigate various textures and materials and discover that uncommon pairings can produce an environment that is more engaging and memorable. 

Biker World — Biker retail and entertainment facilities

This project is a design that includes a retail as well as entertainment facilities for motorbike lovers. It is a design that can bring bikers and tourists into one building and enjoy motorbike/gear shopping, as well as be a part of a biker community. A building ‘Corballis Hall’ located on Swords Road by Dublin Airport is a good location for promoting bike touring and bike renting.  

The concept of the project was taken from a gearwheel from a motorbike. The round gearwheel with ridged edges introduced curves and circular shapes into the design. The modern sports motorbike shopping experience can bring the customers into a space full of bright colours and modern LED lights.