Through her education and internship experiences over the last four years, Aisling has developed a keen eye for space planning, colour, texture, and form, which she incorporates into her designs to create distinctive, functional, and atmospheric spaces. She believes that creating a rich atmosphere is essential, as it sets the tone for how people experience and interact with a space. Attention to detail is an equally important part of her design philosophy. Every small element of the project should be carefully considered and thoughtfully executed. She strives to create spaces that not only reflect clients' personalities and preferences, but also evoke a sense of warmth and harmony. Aisling is now excited to bring her passion for interior design to a design firm where she can continue to grow and create beautiful spaces. 


The Merchant

The objective for this proposed design thesis project is to redevelop the old New Ireland Assurance building at 9-12 Dawson Street into an entertainment venue.  Dawson Street provides a great central location for an events venue with being steps away from Grafton Street, it is amidst the central hub for shopping, eating and nightlife. The venue will be capable of hosting large acts with a capacity of twelve hundred people in the Main Stage area. There will also be a smaller Second Stage area suitable for hosting events like film premieres, comedy shows, or live podcast shows. The venue will have multiple foyer bars so that there is service available on any floor. And, a rooftop restaurant that is open to the public, ensuring that there is always a reason to attend the buzzing events hub, even without a ticket. 

Conceptually, much of the design and forms of the interiors have been created using crowds as inspiration. This can be seen throughout with a dominant use of repetitive forms and patterns in close proximity. Everybody attends an events venue seeking to be entertained and the objective with this project was to create interior that becomes part of the entertainment and the spectacle.