AMAI Hotel

This project aims to convert the ‘Square 21’, a residential service building located in Tirana, Albania into a Hotel with the idea of bringing the ‘Beach to the City’ atmosphere that provides guests with a relaxing and refreshing experience, even in the middle of a busy city. The design concept is derived from the history of the city and the main colour scheme is inspired by the Albanian Coastline. The hotel includes a reception, rooftop swimming pool, restaurant, bar, bedrooms, conference and meeting rooms, fitness and wellness facilities.  
To achieve this look, I incorporated natural elements like greenery, wood, stone, and water. Bringing the outdoors inside by incorporating indoor plants and greenery. This helped to create a natural and calming environment. Soft light and airy textiles like linen and cotton have been used to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Wooden furniture and accessories have been used to create a rustic beach feel.