Asma is a passionate and dedicated Interior Design student with a strong eye for colour, materials and organic forms. Interior details are a focal point for Asma’s designs as small design elements are essential to complete an interior space and unite it as a complete space. Throughout her 4 years of studying, she has developed a particular Design interest in designing culturally inspired interiors. Being a person of Algerian Heritage that lived in Ireland her whole life, she has an enthusiasm for the dynamic and vibrant North African and other cultural interiors and combining them with contemporary design elements. This is what inspired the Design for ‘Numidica’ Spa Hotel.


Numidica Spa Hotel

This thesis project is a proposal to redesign The Reflector building on Hanover Quay from an apartment and office building to a North African inspired spa and wellbeing hotel, providing a space where people can escape daily city stress life stress and relax their mind and body. The primary function of the building is to serve as a place of mental and physical relaxation and a serene experience. I also aim to have the spa hotel Muslim friendly to cater basic needs for Muslim customers such as a praying room. The building will offer spa facilities and a hammam, a beauty salon, gym and yoga facilities including a tennis court and indoor swimming pools with a jacuzzi.

The hotel will embrace North African design elements and also beauty facilities. Being from North Africa, I have always been inspired by the warm, welcoming atmosphere that the buildings and interiors create over there. The building will be like a new experience for people who are new to North African and Arab culture but also will make them welcome and embrace them instead of making them feel like strangers to the culture.