Talk Irish! Fashion Hub

My project is aimed to convert The Schumacher, 36 Bleecker Street, A Condo located in NoHo, between Mott Street and Mulberry Street into an Irish Hub, for Irish fashion design. My objective is to provide a large variety of merchandise and products like shoes, bags, perfume and a mix of exclusive clothing collaborations for women’s, men, kids and a 'Culture Arts' space.  This Irish fashion hub is a concept that caters to both luxury events and student classes. This concept brings both platforms together; traditional Irish fashion with modern trends and techniques. Providing classes to students is not only promoting the Irish fashion industry but also nurturing the next generation of designers. On the other hand, the luxury events will showcase the best of Irish fashion to a wider audience, creating a buzz both locally and internationally. Overall, the initiative has the potential to put Irish fashion on the world map and contribute to the growth of the industry.