Caoimhe is a multi-award-winning interior design student with professional experience in the design/build industry. These awards demonstrate her wide variety of skills from research, adaptability, communication to execution. Caoimhe's designs are conceptually bold, striving for creative and personalized solutions that go above and beyond, enabling people to thrive in their environments. She is highly regarded for her passionate and hardworking nature and looks forward to entering the professional industry and working with a design team to create exceptional spaces. Beyond her professional endeavours, Caoimhe is a multifaceted creative individual with a diverse range of passions, including photography, film, and music.  

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Introducing a first-of-its-kind gaming centre in Ireland's capital, designed to be a global hub for gaming enthusiasts from Ireland and beyond. The centre is a dedicated temple for game lovers of all kinds, with facilities for casual gaming, competitions/tournaments, and events such as Comic Con. The gaming industry is a rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar industry, and Ireland needs a dedicated space to meet the demand. Located on Capel Street, one of Ireland's most multicultural streets, the centre is conveniently situated on major transport links such as the Luas lines, Connolly, Heuston and Busáras.  

The centre's state-of-the-art design showcases Ireland's very first dedicated Esports Arena. Providing facilities for amateur and professional training, bootcamps, summer camps, parties, and leisure gaming. The centre is equipped with the world's most popular games and is a space where fans can immerse themselves in the environment, emulate the specific gaming world, and meet people who share their passion. 
The centre is also available for corporate events, providing a unique and exciting venue for team building and entertainment.  
To support the mission of bringing people together, the centre also has two bars, cafe/restaurant and general hang out zones. The centre appeals not just to video game enthusiasts but also caters to board game and arcade lovers. The space is designed to be economically viable, with easy access routes to the footfall of neighbouring streets.  

The ultimate mission of the centre is to create a dedicated space for the gaming universe, where people can connect in person again. It's a place where friends formed through games can meet in person and celebrate the world they bonded through. With national and international gaming competitions, new game launches, and gaming events, the centre is set to be Ireland's own dedicated mecca for the gaming community.  
In summary, the centre is a one-stop-shop for all things gaming, with a dedicated Esports Arena, LAN, training rooms, bars, café/restaurant, auditorium, event hall, merchandise store, gaming hardware retail store, boardgames room, arcades, recording areas, 6-sided LED cuboid immersive event hall, virtual reality amenities and hang out zones. It's a place where people of all ages and interests can come together to enjoy the world of gaming and create lasting memories.