Chameleon unit 

The product designed is a modular storage system consisting of small cubic modules. The modules can be used singularly or can be combined to create storage systems or units. The product is offered in 2 depth options, while the width and height are dictated by the number of combined modules, making its size variable and specific to the needs of the user. The modules can be undivided, have a singular diving shelf or two drawers. The main aspect of the design is the varied options for the finished aesthetic. Custom sized exterior panels are attached to the sides, top and bottom of the storage unit. The panels are available in varied styles, such as modern, art deco, Victorian and more. The panels can simply be detached and replaced with new panels in a different style. This allows the user to keep this piece of furniture throughout any interior décor changes. The option for the modules to have doors is also available and there are a range of additional elements to accentuate the furniture in each style such as varied leg and handle options. These features make the design flexible and increases the life of the furniture, thereby making this a sustainable and consumer customisable product.  

The inspiration from the product came from an observation I had regarding small homes, specifically the issues with living in small spaces. When conducting research on this topic, I issued a survey to which the responses primarily suggested better storage solutions, but one response stated that they do not feel house proud in their small home. This stood out as an important issue for me and became my main objective in this project. I found that when purchasing furniture for a small space, the goal of finding pieces that suit the user's aesthetic was subsidised by the need for practicality. The solution I arrived at offers the user a practical piece of furniture with a range of aesthetic options. This will hopefully help the user to feel more house proud.