I am a girl from Moldova, that moved to Italy when I was about ten years old to attend and graduate from Rome's Caravaggio Art High School, where my area of study was interior design. After High School, I decided to move to Ireland and study in an English-speaking country. 

I enjoy making simple and functional designs. Finding the best solutions and designing, considering the physical but above all the functional aspect of an environment or object. I think the designer is responsible for what is created, for our present, and, most importantly, for our future. 

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Minim is a Project based on the question: Can minimalism be a solution for a sustainable future? Considering the history of design, and the research done in the past by modernists in particular by Dieter Rams, I will proceed in my quest to find solution through the study of the 3 principles of modernism. 1. Good design is as little design as possible/Flexibility in use; 2. Function follows form/ Nature as example, 3. Easy assembly 
The goal is to create a series of the same object (lamps) and each one responding to a principle of modernism. Through this research we will analyse whether by putting these principles into practice it is also possible to find a solution for a sustainable future. Choosing to make a series of the same object will help us compare various characteristics that each one possesses, allowing us to identify their differences and aspects that they have in common. 
Concept 1: Minim Form / Maxim Function 
As suggested by the name, the key characteristic of these lamps is their simple design while also having a variety of functions. A lamp which can be used as a torch, wall lamp and floor lamp. Thanks to the built-in handle, the lamp has an intuitive design, which tells about its use by itself. From a quick visual analysis, it is perceived that it is a portable lamp and invites the user to pick it up. It offers different lamps, a lamp with a more minimalist and classic style and a second lamp with a more fun and playful design, so the user can select the one that best suits their taste.  

Minim Form is a line of wirelessly rechargeable lamps that have a charger built into a side table which is also flexible in use. 

Concept 2: Minim Design / Maxim Nature 
The lamp's shape was inspired by Munari’s research on natural organisms, and the way in which materials and shapes occurring in nature seem to correspond to the functions they carry. Nature as example not as an imitation. Taking Munari's Falkland lamp as an example, we observe that the shape is generated by the weight of the rings inserted into the fabric. Using this principle, the goal is to create a lamp whose shape is created naturally by the weight of the materials it is made of. To let the light through I researched possible solutions using cuts to create different shapes. 
Concept 3: Minim Waste / Maxim Usage 
Very often the product boxes are thrown away even if they are made of recyclable materials, but it is still a waste. How would it be if the box that protects the lamp is the thick lamp? As when flowers bloom. Open the box and there is a surprise waiting for you. 'Minim Waste' provides a series of lamps of different sizes and colours with the main goal of reusing the product box. The user can buy the lamp he likes best in order of colours and sizes, without the need to purchase an additional box since all the components of the light are incorporated and protected by the box which also functions as light.