Jay Tamayo

As an interior designer, I think my traits of determination, attention to detail and passion in architecture, interiors and travel have helped me through executing my design projects. I enjoy the challenges faced when it comes to spatial layout and planning and developing complex yet possible interior plans and spaces. Having grown up in Ireland with a Western Cultural background of The Philippines, I look forward in sharing my varied and diverse designs by collaborating with other designers from different backgrounds and create newly innovative designs for clients and their personal brand identities.  

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The Link—Bray Entertainment and Retail Complex

Moving from the restrictions being lifted through the years during the pandemic, this project aims to convert ‘the Dargan Hall Building’, an apartment located on Adelaide Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow into an Entertainment and Retail complex. It offers a live and energetic place for the community to explore and share the different cultural identities and showcase talents that Bray has through a local public market, restaurant with culinary studios/exhibit spaces, and the leisure facilities of an Airbnb and the live music events on the function rooftop.  

The design concept is derived from the waves flowing around and over the rocks along the Seafront Promenade. This idea of linear and curved forms explored are used throughout the complex to form links between the vast range of facilities distributed across, creating contemporary spaces that brings an experiential journey for users, transforming this coastal town for an exciting future built environment.