Hoda is a highly motivated interior designer who also holds a BA in Politics and Sociology from UCD. Having travelled extensively, Hoda draws inspiration from the various cultures she has emersed herself in. She aims to reimagine the way we live and experience the built environment through fundamental architectural and design choices and strives to continue learning throughout her career. While focusing on her studies, she has gained experience in a Dublin-based award-winning architecture studio, as well as developing her own creative business ventures. Having worked on commercial, hospitality, and high-end residential projects in industry, Hoda looks forward to finding a professional practice where she can add value and learn from colleagues. Hoda has been the Interiors class representative for the last two years and strives not only to be a hard-working and successful student and designer, but to be approachable and work collaboratively with her peers, colleagues and lecturers alike. 

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Aesop—Irish Headquarters

Taking a dated and overlooked building in one of Dublin’s finest locations, and pairing it with the powerhouse brand, Aesop, allows for the enhancement of the streetscape alongside one of Dublin’s most loved amenities; the Grand Canal. By adopting Aesop’s ethos, which emphasises several creative avenues, this thesis project aims to highlight those different avenues that Aesop encompasses while also taking inspiration from and paying homage to Dublin’s rich architectural history. Taking conceptual visual cues from the surrounding Georgian brickwork through its composition and form, this thesis project has re-imagined the building from the outside in. This makes it a worthy home for one of the most considered brands in today’s market, while equally establishing it as an engaging physical structure within Dublin’s built environment. The rejuvenated and re-purposed building will help to re-introduce a sense of visual rhythm along the Canal, while enhancing the interaction of the premises with the public realm.