I have always been passionate about interior design which initially begun from watching a series of interior design shows and browsing through my parents’ house catalogues and magazines. I always found a thrill in rearranging my room as I grew up and doing various different DIYs to decorate the house also fascinated me. My passion for this has converted into my curiosity to study Interior design. Throughout the years I have produced interiors with different arrangements of colours, patterns and designs while also considering the safety regulations as design isn’t just about how it feels but also how it works.  

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The Mauve Department Store

My project aimed to convert the Tropical Fruit Warehouse building situated on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2 into a luxurious department store. The centred escalators with the atrium acts as my main feature within the building. My objective was to provide a large variety of merchandise like shoes, bags, perfume and a mix of exclusive clothing collaborations for the women’s, men’s, kid’s and a “Chocolate Heaven” space.  

The concept was driven from the buildings initial use of importing tropical fruits. I have extracted shapes from the fruit crates to create shelving units while also creating interesting ceiling designs for my interiors. This was also merged with a secondary concept of using thread where a repeated series of lines was used to create divisional walls and flooring patterns to differentiate spaces from one another. The main colour scheme constitutes of mixing tones of purple with gold and other reflective materials.