Old & Bold—Furniture to aid the transition from middle aged to elderly

This project illustrates the personalities of people as they enter old age. Often, as people become elderly, they are put into one category of people—Old People. It is thought that they have no personal style, no defining aesthetics. That is entirely not true. 

When looking at design for the elderly, most come in drab colours and shapes with no life or sense of charisma. While the people using this furniture are elderly, the furniture designed for them has no reflection of who they really are, leading them to become generalised. This can take a mental toll on elders, making them feel older than they are.  

 My goal is to design furniture based on aiding the transition to elderly life. Helping with convenience, comfort, and movement, while encouraging each individual to keep their personal aesthetic. Why can’t people of all ages live comfortably and stylishly?  

Why can elders not be Old & Bold!