Design For Disassembly

This collection of furniture was designed as a take-apart technology. Due to our climate crisis, a profound development was invented in the early 1990’s known as Design For Disassembly (DFD). This concept takes the afterlife of a product into great consideration to ease the recycling process. Further developments in this technology ensure that a product is made up of individual materials rather than compound.

The collection consists of 3 individual materials. The focal material of this collection is recycled cotton rope. This material can be manipulated in multiple ways creating surfaces and texture. For structural purposes, waste mild steel also known as conduit was used as well as locally sourced ash hardwood allowing the repetition of curved edges throughout the collection.

Where fixing was required, mechanical fastener known as a rivet or mild steel pins were used. The rivets are countersunk mild steel so can be easily recycled amongst the mild steel tubular components. This allows for easy disassembly and transportation of large products.