I am a young and upcoming designer with a passion for domestic design. Ever since I was young, I have always been an admirer of architecture everywhere I went. Restaurant visits and hotels always left me with a design feature that stood out to nobody except me. Being in this course has really opened my eyes up to the endless possibilities of Interior Design and the real impact we have as young designers coming into the current space. 

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Frame of Mind, Wellness Leisure Club

The ‘Frame of Mind,’ Wellness Leisure Club is an all-inclusive leisure centre, centred in Ballsbridge where sport heritage is strong. Originally, the focus was to create a sports and rehabilitation centre, but the mind is also just as important as the body which led to a more mind, body, and soul approach. The totality of this building has now become somewhere where you can come to for fun, to repair or to just relax. 

The building features a series of pools which focus on various water therapy's, three exercise classrooms which feature a spinning room, boxing room and yoga room. Following this with state-of-the-art gym facilities. A floor dedicated to spa facilities and physical therapies as well as counselling facilities. The wellness centre has a restaurant on the third floor also.