My name is Becky O’Rourke, I am 21 years old Irish furniture and interior designer.  I've worked in numerous areas of the design profession, from upholstery to kitchens and design for interiors. I appreciate unconventional concepts that push the boundaries of the ordinary while keeping clients on board. This collection is an accurate reflection of my unique design aesthetic and style. My work is characterized by natural organic textures and moody earthy colour palettes. I experiment with humorous concepts that reflect my status as a young designer. My ultimate goal with my work is to elevate unique, quirky design to a higher level of refinement. 

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Interior Woodland

For my collection I looked at furniture that brings joy into a space. My work is about opening conversations among strangers through thought provoking design, to bring smiles and interactive play, portrayed in functional furniture design. ‘Happy pieces with purpose’. 
My vernacular project, which is situated in my hometown of Navan, County Meath, focuses on the community of skill and craft. I collaborated with a local tree surgeon named Larry, from whom I obtained my timber. The wood used was sourced from naturally fallen trees from the surrounding areas. 
Eric, a traditional frame maker and wood turner, assisted in the woodturning of the beads for my project. I learned wood turning techniques to understand the time and effort it takes to make each bead. Following natural processes, the wood treatments and dyes used are all environmentally friendly and sustainable. Working to my strengths and experiences, I've fabricated my designs utilising the skills that I have developed over the years, such as my year of metalwork, learning to weld and create steel structures.