My name is Alex Curran. I am a 21-year-old female Irish photographer. I specialise in music photography but I also work in portraiture, wedding photography, car photography and product photography. To date, I have had my music photography published with Hot Press and The GOO Magazine. I have done product photography for a business in Meath and I have photographed two weddings. I am a reliable, diligent, industrious, efficient and hardworking photographer. I aim to please every client of mine and ensure that they are happy with the service that I provide.

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These photographs capture the atmosphere, vibe, energy and experience of a concert. They feature intense on-stage performances by a range of Irish musicians in the rock, indie and pop scene, as well as the equally performative reactions of their rapt audiences. Representing the experience of live music has taken on new resonance in the aftermath of the pandemic. Adequately capturing the transmission of live performance, the mercurial quality of liveness in photographs, is more complex than it appears. This project has been made for music lovers, for photographers professional and amateur, and for all who are interested in the cultural vibrancy of new Irish music.


This project is a subchapter of my major graduate project about music photography. These photographs allow the viewer to connect further with their favourite musicians and to get a sense of their personal side rather than their performer self. This range of portrait photographs and live photographs enhances my portfolio and allows clients to see my style of photography.