Although the attitude towards health and safety on sites has improved significantly within the last few years, there is still a large number of workers who take shortcuts to achieve faster and better results. This is nowhere more evident than in the installation of plasterboard. The task when performed incorrectly can result in long term musculoskeletal disorders and cause common injuries on site.  

PlasterAid eliminates these risks associated with the task and offers a safe, fast and efficient alternative. It does this by removing the two strenuous movements involved which is lifting the plasterboard up to the ceiling and holding it there while screws are put in place. The awkward upward motion of lifting the board overhead replaced with a simple swinging motion where the PlasterAid receives most of the weight. A collapsible staff is then released when the board is flush with the ceiling and keeps the board in place.

The PlasterAid also gives the user a convenient step to ensure they are in an ergonomically comfortable position while screwing the board overhead. It offers portability to allow the device to be easily stored and transported to site. It is made from lightweight aluminium for easy manoeuvrability and features grips on the feet to ensure the device is secure during use. The PlasterAid is the convenient solution to plasterboard installation ensuring fast, efficient and safe results.