The designer of MuscleMend is Adam Nealon. Adam has over 10 years of experience playing many different sports and has a passion for fitness. From playing rugby and having many injuries that can inhibit day-to-day activities, he found the importance of recovery in sport, particularly as an amateur athlete having other responsibilities. That is where the idea of MuscleMend stemmed from. 

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MuscleMend is a sports recovery product designed to cater to amateur athletes who face budget constraints when it comes to purchasing expensive recovery products currently available in the market. Extensive research into various recovery methods has led us to conclude that acupressure is an effective technique for our product. Acupressure is a non-invasive and cost-effective method that involves applying physical pressure to specific points using a specialized device. Our product, which employs acupressure combined with compression, has demonstrated positive effects on chronic pain and muscle recovery. 

MuscleMend's modular design enables it to target multiple muscle groups, making it a versatile and convenient tool for athletes. Moreover, its user-friendly design reduces the cognitive demand on the user, unlike other products in the market that require specialized knowledge on muscle recovery to operate. This gives us a sports recovery product that offers cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to amateur athletes facing budget constraints. Our unique combination of acupressure and compression techniques provides a versatile and effective tool for muscle recovery.