My name is Andrew Smyth. I am passionate about automotive and industrial design, with a keen interest in sustainability. My aim is to make a lasting impact on the world of design by creating functional, sustainable and meaningful products, which I hope is reflected in my product, the QuickRip.  

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Studies have shown that over 20% of paramedics have struggled to open medical device packaging forcing them to use external tools to open the packaging such as knives and pens. Many paramedics even admitted having to use their own teeth in some situations.  

This method of opening breaches all sterility precautions taken by the device manufacturer. These infection processes are in place to ensure that all devices are perfectly sterile and ready to use when needed in a medical emergency. If an external tool or device breaches the packaging, this means sterility is also breached so the device is no longer sterile. This could lead to further infection or illness being spread to the patient from the medical device. This action needs to be prevented for the safety of the patient and the user.  

The QuickRip offers a solution to this problem. The QuickRip system is a two-part solution that allows the user to open medical device packaging with one hand while also not breaching sterility by keeping the packaging intact. The way it works is very simple. There are two different parts, the base which is belt mounted and the tabs which are mounted on the medical packaging.  

These two parts work with each other to help the user quickly and reliably open the medical device every time. The tabs on the packaging simply slot onto the latches on the base and then the user can quickly and easily rip open the packaging to access the tool or device inside without any risk of contamination.