Elite athletes are competitive, driven perfectionists. Basketball is no different, and to make it to the top, players strive to improve in their skills every time they step foot on the court. When it comes to shooting the ball, there is nothing better than swishing a three pointer and hearing the net rip. The elite players spend hours in empty gyms after practice, taking hundreds of shots daily. However, as Vince Lombardi once said 'Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.'

rhythmiq is a shot analyser device that aims to help elite athletes perfect their jump shot. By providing live feedback on their biomechanics, athletes can improve their consistency, rhythm and motion while practicing. They can then work with coaches to analyse the data after the workout or compare their data to the pros. By connecting to a smart watch, athletes get feedback shot-by-shot of the path their arm followed just like a golf swing. This will aim to improve athletes shooting percentages and their confidence when they catch the ball in-game.