Dylan is a Kilkenny-based product designer. He is a dedicated and enthusiastic designer with a particular interest in UX (user experience) and sports design. He has undertaken many projects throughout his four years studying product design spanning many design areas. Sports was always a large part of his life growing up, which has led to being the inspiration being his final year project.  


Sense ACL

Sense ACL aids ACL rehab patients both physically and psychologically, through the use of gamification and objective data. The use of gamification in the leg extension exercise will guide the user through the exercise as a physio would while increasing the user’s engagement and motivation while improving the quality of their exercise. Through the collecting and displaying of objective data, the user and the physiotherapist can analyse and compare their results helping them track their progress through the rehab.  
This is done because the 9-12 month-long ACL rehab program is very difficult for athletes both physically and psychologically and can lead to a shortened career in sports if not healed correctly. Through primary research, it was learned that there is a significant lack of objective data seen by the patient throughout their rehab program. A lack of objective data makes it difficult to track one’s progress, harming the player’s mental well-being. This will lead to the patient losing motivation and engagement with the program, reducing the quality and effectiveness of the rehabilitation program.  
Sense ACL works by the user wearing the sense ACL sensor as they complete the leg extension exercise as part of their rehab program. The sensor will record the leg’s movement and display it in the accompanying app as live feedback. The user will use the gamified app as a guide for their leg’s movement ensuring that the patient is completing the exercise correctly. After the completion of the exercise, a summary of the exercise’s results will be displayed to the user and the physiotherapist for evaluation.