My name is Fionn O’Reilly. I am a 21-year-old Product Design student currently in my final year at Technological University Dublin. I am interested in movies, music, sports, and hiking. I have a great appreciation of the outdoors and strive for sustainability both in my personal and professional endeavours.

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AT—10 Adjustable Attenuation Ear Defenders

AT-10 Ear Defenders are a hearing protection device that offers mechanically adjustable attenuation levels. This is manually controlled by the user, but also automatically notified by an inbuilt Decibel Monitoring system, activating when potential harm may occur after sustained periods at the current attenuation setting of the ear defenders. This comes after Neglect of the current designs due to their restriction of social considerations and discomfort. Reduces the requirement of various ear defenders with different SNR. Provides active monitoring and reminds users of the dangers of noise over sustained periods of time. Ultimately, this product aims to change user behaviour & protect from hearing damage in both industrial and contexts.

This product works by adjusting a switch that controls the amount of material barrier within the ear cap. Internal liner barriers block or clear a path for sound to travel, manipulating the attenuation rating of the ear defenders. This absorptive polyurethane material has a sound absorption co-efficient and thickness capable of reducing the effective decibels in the path from noise source to ear by 10, 20 & 30dB in each of the three settings.