I'm Jack, I like to fix things! Breaking products is inevitable and a part of life. Thats why I like to design things that can be easily repaired and can last generations. The outdoors is my passion, I love to explore and get lost in the natural world. As a result, I hate waste and littering of our environment. Having spent years both working and attending music festivals and outdoor events I have seen a large increase of campsite waste. The practice of discarding tents has become common place. I want to change this, so for my final year project I developed the Pack-Pod. A sustainable approach to festival campsites. 



The waste produced from music festival campsites is a rapidly growing issue, the main cause of this waste is from event attendees leaving their tents behind. Such tents are made from a mixture of materials making them very difficult to recycle. As a result the vast majority of this tent waste ends up in landfill or is incinerated. The availability of cheap, low quality tents only increases this 'single use mindset' possessed by festival goers. Those who camp at such outdoor events are not campers, they are festival attendees. They typically have little camping experience, resulting in improper tent setup leaving the already low quality tents even more exposed to the elements. 

Pack-Pods are a flat pack sleeping solution for outdoor camping events such as music festivals. The pods are designed to help combat and minimise the amount of campsite waste, by reducing the number of tents that are brought and ultimately discarded at such events. Each pod is constructed using readily available materials and offers an affordable, low-tech solution. Only four materials are used in the pods manufacture: Aluminium, Steel, Plywood and Corriboard.