The problem area for the WorkWagon was identified through interviews, first hand experiences, benchmarking, and photo studies. It was shown that tradespeople injury themselves unnecessarily when lifting heavy weights and twisting while carrying the weight. The focus of the product was narrowed down to aiding the user to unload and load a van safely, without getting injured unnecessarily. The WorkWagon is a product that combines a wheelbarrow and a portable workbench to become the ultimate tradesperson’s tool. The WorkWagon can transport anything that weighs 150kg or less, to and from vans to the required working location. Once the WorkWagon is at a suitable location to work from on the site, it doubles up as a workbench that can be raised to the optimum working height (850mm).  

To load the WorkWagon the user can simply push the equipment out of the van and onto the WorkWagon which can be set at the same height as the floor of the van. The user will then put a netting around the Workbench to prevent the equipment from falling off whilst in transit. The WorkWagon can then be easily pushed to the desired location on site. It’s narrow width (550mm) allows the Work Wagon to navigate constrained spaces, whilst the single wheel design increases its manoeuvrability. The workbench can then be raised using the foot pump, and the support legs can be dropped for added stability. When the workbench is in use, the user can clamp or secure material to it through the 20mm holes or by the clamping points on the side of the workbench.  

The WorkWagon aids the user in many ways, but the main benefit is the health and safety of the user because it helps the user with heavy lifts and prevents awkward twisting or putting unnecessary strain on the worker’s back.