ReShelf is a redesign of the standard retail shelf that aims to make the process of stock rotation more efficient and easier to carry out. There is a significant problem with waste creation in the retail sector. One aspect of the problem is the waste of foods and products with an expiration date due to poor implementation of proper stock rotation practices. This occurs when newer, fresher product is placed in front of the older stock on the shelves and the new stock is sold over the old which results in stock expiring before it has the chance to sell.  

Current practice requires that the old stock is taken off the shelves and date checked and placed somewhere, usually the floor. The employee must then reach, carefully so as to not displace any product either side of the space, into the back of the shelf to put the newer stock on the shelf. Then they must refill the front of the shelf with the old stock. As you can see this is a tedious process that staff usually overlook.  

The solution is ReShelf. This redesign features five shelves that pull out like drawers. The purpose of this is to allow access to the back of the shelf so that the staff member can simply pull out the shelf and place the new product at the back of the shelf and slide the shelf back in place. The custom brackets of the shelf also allow for the distance between each shelf to be changed or more added according to the requirements of the intended retail space. Stock rotation is no longer a time-consuming task and potential waste is prevented.