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SoleMate is redefining footwear and aims to combat the excessive waste and overconsumption in the fashion industry. It's designed with sustainability in mind, from minimal manufacturing to sustainable material selection. The innovative design of SoleMate allows users to customise their shoes to suit different outfits and styles, reducing the need to purchase multiple pairs. This not only saves the users money but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with the production and disposal of multiple shoes. The modular element of the design also enables the product to evolve over time, keeping up with changing fashion trends. Additionally, the ability to repair individual parts of the shoe instead of having to replace the entire pair helps to reduce waste and extends the life of the product. SoleMate not only offers users a stylish and functional shoe but also an eco-friendly and sustainable option. 
The shoe is composed of three primary components: the sole, upper, and straps. The bio-based EVA foam sole forms the foundation of the shoe and is where the upper fits in and the straps connect. The Merino wool upper encompasses the foot and provides both warmth and comfort. Lastly, the organic cotton elastic straps, consisting of two parts, are what bind the entire shoe together. One strap goes over the front of the foot, while the other wraps around the back, ensuring a secure fit.