The CasBar is a set of unique bike handlebars that double as a bike lock, offering urban cyclists an innovative and secure option. Riders no longer need to carry an extra lock, which reduces the weight and inconvenience of locking up their bike. Instead, the handlebars serve as part of the bike’s form. This design also addresses the issue of theft in a unique way, because if the lock is damaged or tampered with, it is almost impossible to ride the bike, giving the bike an extra level of security. The bike is also less attractive to a thief when locked as it appears to be missing a key component. 

This doesn’t mean the CasBar sacrifices the feel of comfort of a handlebar, or the strength and durability. The handlebars are also composed of strong materials and are built to withstand force and weather, ensuring lifespan and dependability while the casing is dressed in rubber providing the safe and familiar feel. Urban bikers who place a premium on convenience and security throughout their daily commute will benefit from this idea's novel and workable solution.