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The TempGlaze intendeds to help property owners in times of crisis when a window on their property has glazing broken or smashed due to accidents, break-ins, or faulty units etc. During the wait period between the glass unit breaking and the replacement unit being installed, property owners have very few options to see them through the period and are left with a tedious job of covering the window. Property owners' current choices are either badly executed DIY methods or include hiring an external company, which can be costly and are single use solutions. 
The TempGlaze is a sliding rail cage system that securely fits into the window cavity where the glazed unit once was, enabling the user to quickly fill the window cavity with specifically designed interlocking stackable tiles. The product is designed to conform to various window sizes and prevent any external elements entering the property, to be reusable for multiple uses and it will fit all existing window frame cavities using double and triple glazing technology. It will provide high level of security to the property during the wait period, and to will be easily expandable or contractable to suit different window widths & heights. The design has gone through a large amount of research, conceptualisation, prototyping, engineering, and hard work to successfully meet these design specifications and to meet customer expectations.