Amy is a designer from Louth working in both print and digital media. She has a strong interest in illustration and also enjoys working across all aspects of graphic design. She enjoys trying new things and learning new skills. 


The Odyssey

This project is in response to the ISTD Open\Close brief. The brief asks for a radical retelling of a book free from copyright. I chose Samuel Butler’s translation of Homer’s Odyssey. This project focuses on Penelope’s character and how her role in mythology has contributed to Western constructs of gender. Penelope becomes a reflection of society’s expectations of women. The narrative that runs alongside this is the idea that Penelope is seen as the ‘perfect wife’ and how her treatment is reflected in modern society. It is essentially a social commentary against an objective summary. The Odyssey is the main. The footnotes become taller and begin to take up the page to amplify Penelope’s role through the opening and closing chapters. As her role in the main text is introduced, her voice in the footnotes begins to take up more space.  

Understanding B-Corps

This project is in response to the D&AD giffgaff UK brief. The project is asking to create a series of illustrations to use as promotional material. These stories needed to tell the story of GiffGaff becoming a B-Corp, and what it means for the company and the community in a way that is easy to understand. My solution to this problem was to create a series of illustrated posters that visually explain each element of a B-Corp, such as community, workers, and environment, and what each of these mean to giffgaff and their customers.