Aoife Dooley is a multi-disciplinary designer with a primary interest in photography, multi media, and brand identity, creating the visual identity for many Irish & international brands. Aoife and her sisters have recently cofounded Allter Studio, an upcycled homeware & apparel brand that features illustrative textiles made from high quality repurposed materials.

Fashion Needs Mending

I designed these spreads in response to an editorial design brief and published the images during #fashionrevolutionweek to help raise awareness of exploitation within the fashion industry. Most of our clothes are made in places where working conditions are often inhumane and the workers rights are limited. These images aim to visually represent how our clothing choices can have a direct impact on other human beings’ lives. 

Apostles of Mercy

Apostles of Mercy is a typography-based publication that I designed in response to the ISTD brief, Open Close. The publication’s strategy is to use the War of the Worlds novel as a catalyst for discussing the issue of species extinction caused by human activity. The publication aims to draw parallels between the destructive actions of Martians and humans, asking the question, 'are we such apostles of mercy as to complain if the Martians warred in the same spirit?'