Carla is a multidisciplinary Visual Communicator based in Dublin. Drawing on her background in Textile Design and Illustration, she likes working with diverse mediums to create solutions from print to motion, applying both analogue and digital approaches. Carla’s work is characterised by a bold use of form, composition, and colour, often integrating patterns. Her approach to design is very hands-on, she loves creating through making. Carla engages with design projects from a social and environmental perspective and is confident in the power of Visual Communication as a tool to make a difference and inspire others. The body of work she created throughout her studies at TU Dublin refers to Climate Change, Women’s & LGBT rights, and niche rolling sports as a form of community. Carla aims to continue working and developing as a creative practitioner. 

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Roller Derby

The central issue this publication explores is the relationship between Roller Derby, a niche contact sport with revolutionary and unprecedented rules in terms of gender and inclusion, and the current situation of women’s and LGBT rights worldwide. This dynamic publication is an invitation to consider socio-political insights through the visualization of unequal opportunities for the development of Roller Derby and global competitive disparity. Bold in size and format, this dynamic magazine offers multiple ways of visualising multifaceted topics. 

Ambitious Cities

Ambitious Cities is an animation created to make Kate Raworth's narration visually striking and more accessible to a wider audience by using abstraction and visual metaphors to illustrate complex ideas about rethinking what it truly means to thrive. These are expressed using colour and motion as an invitation for the viewer to engage with the visuals from their personal perspective.