Cathal McGuinne is a graphic designer and illustrator whose work is characterised by bold lines and expressive characters. With a passion for design that stems from his childhood interests in graphic novels, cartoonists, graffiti and street art, Cathal has developed a unique style. From his earliest works, Cathal has shown a keen eye for detail, colour, and composition. His illustrations are both playful and sophisticated, displaying a range of emotions that connect with his audience. Over the years, he has honed his skills, and his portfolio showcases an impressive range of projects, including book covers, editorial illustrations, and branding materials. 

On Your Side

This was an ad campaign designed for giffgaff to promote their application to become a B Corp company. It is a series of 3 posters, all featuring a knight in shing armour. By using the knight as a recurring character, a sense of stability and decency is conveyed, suggesting that giffgaff is a company that values integrity and doing the right thing. This campaign could inspire people to consider the impact of the companies they support and encourage them to choose businesses that prioritise sustainability, community engagement, and ethical practices.