Chloe is a talented designer based in Dublin, with a passion for bringing visual concepts to life through the captivating medium of video and poster work. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design principles, she creates stunning visuals that leave a lasting impact. 


Tapping of telephones—Charles Haughey

The concept of the project was to explore the exploitation of Charles Haughey, who was a Fianna Fáil politician or better known as a Taoiseach in the late 90s. He had been caught tapping into the telephones of three journalists named Geraldine Kennedy, Bruce Arnold and Vincent Browne. The idea of the video is to encapsulate the rage of Charles Haughey being the most controversial politician, and the calmness created when he resigned. 

Empty Promises

This project is based on the book 1984 written by George Orwell and about how the government manipulates the system to suit its own interest. 1984 is split into four ministries, the ministry of truth, the ministry of peace, the ministry of love and the ministry of plenty. These ministries rely on doing the opposite of what it means.  
The purpose of this project is to trigger the government in some way to show how controversial they are and how they fool the community they’re supposed to care about. The colour red signifies the anger and rage that we feel towards the government. The black & white signifies the darkness that the government projects.