Ciarán Connolly is a multi-disciplinary designer living in Dublin. Throughout his studies at TU Dublin, Ciarán has developed a body of work that can be characterised by a strong emphasis on the preservation and promotion of Irish heritage and culture. Ciarán maintains that design can play a vital role in honouring and celebrating the country’s rich heritage, with the preservation of its unique visual cultural identity being a critical aspect of dispelling outdated stereotypes about the country. While proficient in a diverse range of disciplines, Ciarán is particularly passionate about image-making, typography,  and publication design. His approach to design is largely experimental and process-driven, his explorative design practice is a journey of discovery whereby the process of creation is often as important as the final outcome. Ciarán’s design philosophy is rooted in the belief that designers have a duty to consider the social, cultural, and environmental impacts of their work, supporting the idea that design has the power to influence social attitudes and behaviour through their work. His work often seeks to challenge established norms and encourages viewers to think critically about the world around them, with recent work interrogating contemporary technology’s potential to shape our perspectives on art and the world, raising questions about authenticity, authorship, and the human experience. 

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The Stars and The Stones

The Stars and The Stones is a book archiving and celebrating the wealth of knowledge of Ireland’s ancient communities. Designed as part of a conceptual broader series on the astronomical legacy of Ireland’s megalithic structures, this book focuses on the petroglyphic art of Brú na Bóinne’s Knowth passage mound. This ancient knowledge is honoured as a typographic celebration, examining the marvellous and unique ancient Irish tradition of mapping and making sense of the natural world. 

Lúthchleasaíocht Éireann

Lúthchleasaíocht Éireann is an initiative that aims to revive a national Irish athletic identity. In order to augment this Irish athletic identity, Ogham inscriptions and native Irish symbolism are employed to make visible the rich history of the sport within the country. Through this shameless exhibition of contemporary Gaelic visual culture, the Irish athlete will no longer fade on the international stage. By connecting the Irish athlete to an assured national athletic identity, they are granted the fundamental sporting values of community, pride, and representation.