Taylor Rooney

Duanna is a designer with a love for digital design and typography. Duanna has a playful spirit that infuses all her work. She subverts traditional typography and conventional design creating a sense of tension that is both engaging and thought-provoking.  


What Does it all Meme?

Museums and archives are meant to protect and display objects and material that are culturally important to the public. Memes however are shared by millions of people every day but are not protected or organised into archives, making them at risk of being lost. The What Does it all Meme? publication aims to question who decides what is and isn’t valuable and how can we use archives to protect material that is valued by the public. The publication design is informed by the playful irreverence of memes and the juxtaposition of the orderly and careful approach museums take towards artefacts. The unexpected typeface choices mirror the visual style of memes that often have a humorous and satirical design approach with clashing and jarring type combinations, or awkward crops.

It's complicated

People with a mixed background are the fastest growing ethnic group in Ireland but their experiences often go overlooked. Expressing a mixed cultural/ethnic identity can be difficult to navigate in Ireland when there is little representation and constant questioning. Where are you really from? What are you? For some people there is no simple answer—it’s complicated. This project explores the multifaceted nature of cultural identity and expression in Ireland. By capturing Ireland's contemporary cultural landscape, the project serves as a catalyst for a deeper appreciation of international aesthetics and multiscript while also questioning what contemporary Irish identity is.