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Eilis Espina

Over the past four years in TU Dublin, Eilis has experienced significant personal and academic growth. Her passion lies in narrating stories through captivating visuals. Finding joy delving deep into research, gaining a deep understanding of the concepts and translating them into compelling visual narratives. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to contribute and design for the identity and graphic work for an exhibition in Dutch Design Week. Her work process is deeply rooted in experimentation, investigation and being committed to the process. Her expertise lies in utilising tools such as Photoshop, Procreate, Illustrator and InDesign to bring her ideas to life, infusing them with a strong imagination. Eilis’s interest lies in image-making, branding, identity design and conceptualising. Driven by an imaginative workflow and commitment to thorough research, she strives to create visually impacting designs that can resonate with people.

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Bull Island: A Recollection

‘Bull Island: A Recollection’ is a campaign that aims to capture the memories of Bull Island utilising AI. According to an AI flood level model calculator, Bull Island will be engulfed by 2070. After making a trip to Bull Island and collecting objects, I decided to preserve the memories that may be lost in just 45 years. I believe collaborating with the Bull Island Action Group who actively support the island under the Clontarf community. Though unable to control nature’s forces, the goal is to make a sympathetic contribution to the island’s memories. By utilising collected data to advocate for climate change mitigation initiatives, I aim to safeguard Bull Island and inspire communities globally to follow suit. My goal is to underscore the criticality of preserving our biodiversity, history and environment before it reaches a point of irreversible decline. 

Reform, Adorn

The title ‘Reform, Adorn’ embodies the change in design, encompassing both the transformative essence ("Reform") and aesthetic enhancement ("Adorn"). The objectives entail raising awareness of the value of design, advocating for increased support and funding for design education, and evoking nostalgia through era-appropriate design. The focus on education officials and policymakers aims to prioritize design education across all levels and promote it as a viable career path. Visual elements in the animation, such as warm monotone colours representing different eras and saturated yellow and mint symbolising innovation, celebrate the advancements in the design industry. This visual narrative highlight design's enduring impact on society, from historical creations influencing modern architecture to technological progress. Thus, "Reform, Adorn" communicates the transformative influence and aesthetic allure of design throughout history.