Francesca McCann is a student designer and illustrator from Dublin. She has an interest in creating emotive and dynamic pieces using a multimedia approach to how she creates. Using personal experience, the focus of her work is to communicate a broad range of issues that matter to her, from educational opportunities, the climate crisis to the dying Irish nightlife. She aims to work in a creative space that has the same diversity her work portrays and that has a multimedia approach to projects.  


Interrogate the Truth

To create a more equal and fair society, we need to not only give children access to equal educational opportunities but encourage them at a young age to investigate the truth. This project uses the paper plane as a metaphor for the power of collective knowledge and sharing resources.  


Reverb is a zine looking at the exciting emerging nightlife of Dublin city. Irish nightlife is an integral part of Irish culture used as an outlet by many to escape mundane daily life. I chose to look at this space is a positive and energetic light as its been discussed quite frequently in a more critical light in the past. There is a vast number of people advocating for policy change to improve our nightlife and people putting in work to create new and better spaces and experiences than ever before.