Rottke Fitzpatrick

Hannah is a Dublin based designer with a strong interest in both identity and typographic design. She works with both physical and digital media, creating visually captivating designs that encourage touch and interaction. With a particular affinity for print design and tactile experiences, Hannah's work often addresses societal issues, aiming to communicate powerful messages through emotionally engaging design.

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Untitled is a book designed in response to ISTD’s 2023 brief The Spaces Between. As you finish university, there is a sudden sense of uncertainty. This transitional period, for many, is a time occupied by feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty. At the same time, it can also be a period of time filled with anticipation, possibilities, and hope for the future. This book explores the juxtaposition between the challenging side of uncertainty and the freedom of new possibilities during that period, in an informative, yet playful way. A complex blend of typefaces, type sizes and type settings are used to communicate a multitude of opinions and viewpoints. Through typography the book sheds light on issues faced during this liminal period between finishing education and the beginning of your career. 

My Home Doesn't Love Me

Ireland's extortionate rent prices mean that many young people can't afford to move out of their family home, and the hope of owning a home one day is quickly diminishing. Nearly 70% of young Irish people today are considering emigration as they feel they will have a better quality of life elsewhere. My Home Doesn't Love Me is a campaign which aims to foster a sense of political agency and activism amongst young people, addressing the urgent housing needs of Ireland's youth. The protest poster kit encourages individuals to creatively express their concerns and also drive momentum for transformative change.