Jennifer is a creative based in Dublin, who is happiest when brainstorming and bouncing ideas around in studio. She believes that design can play an integral part in highlighting a meandering maze of problematic issues.  Her approach to design is through connection, not only with the brief, but with people and the space that surrounds her. Through research and contemplation, her final designs are often abstract in nature. Having come from a background in photography, her practice is often steeped in image-based experimentation, art direction and print. 


The Spaces Between

This project is a response to ISTD brief, The Space Between. I observe the connection between education system, ADHD, and trade industry. Designed with intentional confusion, this three-part publication echoes the experience of making sense of oneself and their space in the world, while querying adult ADHD. Within the space between teenage years and societies expectation of adulthood, there are pinnacles of growth that never seem to come into fruition. Everyday tasks and responsibilities become uncompleted goals. Left unchecked, this plays into the never-ending cycle of low self-esteem and self-deprecation.  

This publication explores the contrast in how one views themselves when utilising their potential in an encouraging environment that is suited to their way of thinking. I wish to highlight the emotions that one feels as they navigate query ADHD. Frustration, grief, the unknown, as well as the hope one feels can be especially overwhelming. Once acknowledged by professionals, one must sit with these emotions for a long period of time, waiting on a solution. The project aims to facilitate recognition for resilience, the value of training, apprenticeships, and adult education. It acknowledges that in addition to theory or practical learning, it is the intangible sense of direction, focus and boost of confidence which elevates self-esteem.  

You Are Here

As we enter the Anthropocene, I explore the concept of connection within society, the environment and our inner selves. Predetermined nature, signage and instruction, remind us that we are never far away from civilisation, serving as both a relief and instigator of anxiety. Through staged interaction I offer symbolic glimpses of the wonder of the everyday. The work created in these structured spaces, is presented through the media of screen and print. In doing so, it is my intention to represent the barrier between the natural world, society, and the individual.