Joe Byrne is a multidisciplinary designer and business owner with an energetic and creative approach to problem-solving. Alongside his studies, he founded a clothing brand based in Dublin and has developed broad skills and experience in UX/UI design, digital marketing, branding, and design-centred projects. He prides himself on delivering personalized, professional and friendly services that yield successful results. 



Mentor is a financial management mobile app designed to support individuals with ADHD in managing their finances effectively. Through extensive user research, I defined the main user pain points and created the app's interface and functions with input from people living with ADHD.  

I designed Mentor with ADHD-friendly features, such as simplified language, visual aids, and reminders. These features help users stay focused and on track with their financial goals, reducing the likelihood of impulsive spending or forgetting to pay bills. My project aims to understand and highlight the difficulties and challenges individuals with ADHD face when managing their money to facilitate a digital solution that allows them to reflect on their finances in a supportive, compassionate and non-judgemental environment.