Kevin is an illustrator and designer from county Meath. His work ranges from storyboarding for animation, illustration and concept design. He is interested in constantly exploring new styles and techniques, whether that be 3D, animation or illustration. Throughout his time at TU Dublin, his projects have often been driven by a love for storytelling and being able to invite and immerse the audience into whatever world he's working on.

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Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder is a journey through exciting and awe-inspiring environments and worlds. This is a project for the D&AD new blood IMAX brief. It is a storyboard showcasing a trip through various different settings filled with life and wonder. The storyboard is for a proposed IMAX preshow that would appear before the IMAX countdown at the beginning of a film in the cinema. Audiences are already in the seats when they see this so an IMAX pre-show needs to get audiences ready and excited while showcasing what IMAX brings to the cinematic experience. This project immerses the viewers in vibrant worlds reminiscent of their favourite films to set the mood for whatever awaits them in the cinema.