Margaux is a designer who approaches her work with creativity and cultural sensitivity. She is deeply interested in people, culture and identity and many of her projects are inspired by her mixed cultural background, be it consciously or subconsciously. Her projects often blend a diverse range of disciplines, including image-making, typography, and visual storytelling. Margaux’s personal experiences influence her approach to design, motivating her to create designs that are emotionally engaging, that communicate messages and instigate conversations. She believes that emotional connection is key to creating projects that have a lasting impact and promote greater understanding between people and our perspectives on the world. 



Neither/Nor is a project that explores the concept of spaces between in a conceptual and physical way and considers how these spaces connect or disconnect people, places, thoughts, and cultures. With continued globalisation, more and more people are being exposed to other cultures around the globe. As a result, many individuals come from multiple cultures forming multifaceted cultural identities. Being from more than one culture will soon be the norm rather than the exception. This results in the increased layers of cultural complexities found within people. Neither/Nor addresses the ambiguous feelings of gratitude and confusion in third culture kids (TCKS) by expressing the space between cultures and how that may look for individuals who constantly move between different backdrops and weave in and out of culture, becoming neither one or the other. The book takes the reader through personal experiences of TCKS, visually tackling the sense of identity, belonging and displacement with the aim of bringing to light these shared experiences, to communicate both the benefits and challenges that comes from multicultural identities and to connect the seemingly unconnected. 

Change is Necessary

This project addresses the importance of taking care of our planet through highlighting the earths fragility. The project is inspired by the overview effect, which refers to the experience astronauts have when given the opportunity to view the Earth as a whole. This inspires greater appreciation of Earth’s beauty and connection to all other living beings. By creating an animation that showcases the entirety of the Earth, the project aims to evoke a sense of awe and inspire viewers to recognise the interdependence between humans and the natural world.